Saturday, April 25, 2009

Experimental Gigapan interactive photo of Downtown Boise, Idaho

I have created an experimental Gigapan photo comprised of approximately 200 telephoto images stitched together. This single photo allows you to zoom in to see magniified close up images that are not evident in the original view. The snapshot thumbnail images are examples of details that can be found.

The same image is also available on my gigapan site, where you can add thumbnails of your own, and also view the panorama in Google Earth.

 You can also view a  3D Photo Tour kmz file of several buildings I photogaphed in March 2009, in downtown Boise that can be viewed in Google Earth. 

Hint! Turn on the 3D buildings layer in Google Earth to see several downtown Boise 3D buildings while you view the photos.  These 3D buildings and the foothills skyline are also aligned almost perfectly with the Gigapan image when viewed in Google Earth.