Sunday, June 06, 2010

Salmon migration from Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho to Pacific Ocean

Anadromous Salmon smolts born in the Salmon River high in the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho have to navigate the warm slack water and several Hydroelectric Dams on the Snake and Columbia Rivers. This tour travels the route they have to travel to the mouth of the Columbia and the Pacific Ocean, an elevation loss of 7000 feet and more than 900 river miles.

Note! Using the controller bar in the left bottom of the tour window you can pause the Tour at any time and explore photos and text related to each of the dams (Click once on any Dam Icon). You can click twice on a Dam Icon to fly down to a close 3D view of the Dam site &/or use the Google Earth navigation tools to zoom in, move around or tilt the view. When you want to return to the programmed tour click the play button in the controller bar again.

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