Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Proposed CUMO Mine & Other Mine footprints in Idaho visible in Google Earth

This is an experimental draft Google Earth Tour showing the location of the proposed CUMO Molybdenum mine north on a forested ridge in the Boise Watershed North West of Idaho City.

Note! This tour does not start until you click the > (play) button in the Controller Bar. You can stop the tour at any time and examine the terrain for yourself. When you want to start again click the play button and the tour will resume from where you stopped it.

Idaho Rivers United has a web page with more information about the CUMO Mine project

This tour flies to the site of the proposed CUMO mine and continues on to a few other big mine sites in Idaho that have a visible footprint in Google Earth & Maps. The CUMO mine will potentially be larger than any of these other mines. Note that 1900's Dredge Mining Tailings are still visible on Grimes Creek downstream of the CUMO mine. (I placed a tan shaded overlay on these tailings, to highlight them as I started the project, but they are visible without the shading in Google Earth.)

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